Earlier this year, Wanda contacted Austin Farm Sanctuary, a local nonprofit that specializes in rescuing farm animals. Often their animals are retrieved after being mistreated or shot. However, they are always happy to adapt to new conditions. They agreed to take three of the cows and give them the care they needed.

Wanda rescued Jesse and Dexter from a butchery arena. She saw the beautiful animals and knew they had to be saved. Having been a part of Wanda’s life for so long, giving up her cows wasn’t easy. She explained her condition with tears.

“I might end up living in my truck,” Wanda said of Dr. Phil. “I only do what’s best for them,” she added. “If I do what’s best for me, I’ll keep them.”

Although Dr. Phil is primarily known for taking advantage of his guests, he sometimes takes the time to try and help them too. When he saw Wanda’s plight, he wanted to reunite her with her furry friends. Dr. Phil went to the Austin Sanctuary and heard Wanda’s story firsthand. Wanda was a hero to the shelter after spending so much time and effort saving the cows.

Wanda traveled 500 miles to Austin to visit her children again. “It’s still beautiful,” Wanda said admiringly, looking at Dexter. She said: “They’re my family, they’ve helped me a lot and I’m so happy to see them.

For now, Wanda’s look is still unknown. She is still struggling to get back on her feet, and for now, her children will stay at the shelter. However, she is working hard to achieve the stability she needs to bring her cattle home. We hope that they will soon be able to live together again.

This video of a woman reunited with her pet cows is a great example that any animal can form a bond with a human and sometimes sacrifice is the best way to show an animal you truly love. What’s your favorite example of an animal being reunited after a period of separation? We’d love to hear your stories, so share them below!

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