Workman walks humbly up to train station piano – commuters freeze in their tracks as fingers fly across keys

When it comes to music, everyone wants to have a good one. Street musicians are part of the larger group of great people who uplift people’s spirits every day, and that’s probably the reason why this street piano was set up at a railway station.

At St. Pancras Railway Station in London, there’s a street piano that’s open for everyone to try their hand. We’ve witnessed great performances by some of the big names in the music industry at this station, but this one guy here is trending for a reason!

The man in question is a railway worker. Turns out, this guy also has a good knack for working the piano, so he walks up to the machine and takes his seat. He starts on it and before long, people are impressed!

To make the scene even lovelier, the man is at it while in his working uniform. He probably decided to use his break to amuse people with his nice talent. Kudos!

Watch the talented serviceman play for yourself in the video below! We can’t wait to see who stops by the piano next.

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