Young Man Walks In Target, Suddenly Breaks Out Moves That Have All Shoppers Turning Heads

Nowadays, people first grab their cameras whenever they see something odd or amazing happening. They capture the moment so others will see it too when it’s shared on social media networks. Now millions of videos are going viral because people love to see new stuff everyday like amazing talents, funny incidents, weird occurrences, heartwarming surprises.. But the best ones for me is those captured in a public place, you can see everyone, in state of amazement, whip put their phones to capture the moment.. And this is exactly what happened with this guy in the video below…

YouTube creator Preston Leatherman pulled on a brave move when he decided to film himself having a one-man dance party in crowded shopping spots – and the results are totally hysterical!

Using only an iPod and headphone, Preston surprises shoppers when he dances like no one is watching ( though, he actually wants everyone to watch him).

Playing the title song from the 1984 film Footloose, Preston grabbed the attention of shoppers in famous shopping areas like Target, a grocery store, and an arcade. Without holding back, Preston excitedly dances throughout the mall, drawing all the passing strangers’ attention. And guess what? some of them even decided to join him.

At certain point, a woman can’t help but dance with him even though she can’t hear the song played, she just matches his steps like it was practiced choreography.

Preston also approached a table of ladies enjoying their lunch and started dancing nearby, the women didn’t join him but they couldn’t hold back their smiles watching the young man in white sweater bust some good moves.

But the best ones who joined Preston in his hilarious dance are the kids. A group of enthusiastic kids were more than happy dancing with him, they followed him in every single move he made.

Even those who didn’t feel like dancing, smiled at Preston’s silly antics.

And, as he worked his way towards the “big finish” he got a group of kids to do the moves with him.

Today’s social media “pranks” mostly lead to stupid and even very offensive  “social experiments,” that are more about making the person making the video famous. However, Preston’s video here only put himself at the risk of looking silly!

But what’s really amazing is that instead of just being gawked at by incredulous passers-by, Preston found that even without music playing there were people who just couldn’t stop themselves from joining in.

So, can you see yourself doing this one day?

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