The Sunshine State in Florida is known to have many alligators. The reptiles are present in swamps, ponds and lakes all over the state. Once in a while, they turn up in the most unexpected places.

One alligator was at a zip line station. It was an unusual sighting that left one woman in shock.

In the footage below, a group of zip line instructors were trying out a new across a pond. The pond is home to alligators which make the experience thrilling.

One of the instructors wore the full protective gear, hooked herself to the line and set off.  Her fellow instructors waited on the other end of the line.

Unknown to her, an alligator was watching her from the pond. The instructor set off and appeared relaxed. However, as she got closer to the end of the line, something unexpected happened.

The alligator showed itself from the water scaring the woman. She made it safely to the end of the line though.

Watch what unfolded in the footage below and let us know what you think.

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