The last 10 years for Kathi Wilson were very difficult. Suffering while your physical condition worsens and your doctors telling you that they have no clue what is exactly  your illness is a scary and painful experience.

The 41-year-old woman spent countless hours in hospitals hoping for a diagnosis that can solve her mystery illness but it never came and things eventually devolved to the point where she could barely walk.

During these years, things got worse to the point Kathi could barely walk, she spent whole days at a time sleeping in order to hide her physical and mental anguish.

Eventually, the cause of her mystery illness was finally discovered but it wasn’t thanks to a revolutionary medical test or an exceptionally smart doctor. Instead, the diagnosis came from two men who arrived in a dusty pickup truck…

After ten long years of her struggling. Kathi decided, one day to remodel her old bathroom. Having suffered from this miserable condition for a decade, Kathi wanted a sanctuary she could retreat to, and so a team of contractors came out to make the required upgrades. They would completely redo the look of the shower, add modern tile, revamp the vanity and replace the water heater. However, when the crew came to remove the old heater and install the new one, they were met with a truly startling discovery.

Whoever installed the heater prior 10 years did it incorrectly, Kathi had no clue, but the tank had been leaking a poisonous gas into her house.

The moment Kathi received these news from the contractors, all of her symptoms suddenly made sense to her

Thanks to a couple of men sporting blue jeans who had figured out what doctors could not… Kathi could finally fix her problem.

For more on this incredible story, and the dangerous gas that plagued Kathi’s home, watch the video below:

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