12-Year-Old Boy Stuns The Judges with His Powerful Voice. Now Watch Who’s Coming Behind Him

Britain’s Got Talent Show of 2011 exposed the most unexpected talents from the younger generation.

If you followed the show keenly, you would remember Ronan Parke. The boy performed “Because of You” that left the audience and the judges stunned. Judge David had nothing but kind words for the boy.

Sadly, Parke’s success story took a different turn when a story surfaced on the Internet just before the season finale. According to the story, Simon Cowell and an unnamed executive producer were professionally grooming the little boy for the competition.

In his defense, judge Simon Cowell dismissed it as a smear campaign. He further said the boy was receiving similar treatment as the other contestants.

Whether the allegations are true or not, Parke came second after Jai McDowall. Additionally, the boy received one million pounds for a recording contract.

I think the boy’s talent won him the second place. Watch the video and be the judge.  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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