15 monks step onstage holding signs – deliver hilarious rendition of Christmas song that is going totally viral

The Christmas period brings with it many enjoyable scenes. From various renditions of Christmas songs to stunning plays depicting Bible stories, it’s all heartwarming to live through the period. We’ve watched numerous clips of such renditions and plays, but this one is different. It’s going to leave you speechless!

In the clip, you see these monks lined up in perfect formation on a stage. If you know anything about monks, you’ll also know that they take an oath of silence that’s supposed to bring them closer to God. So what happens when people who have sworn to keep their silence want to do a rendition of a popular Christmas song? You’re about to find out!

As you watch, you see them holding signs. Now wait for that heartwarming moment when the song starts. This is unbelievable! They’re not talking, but they’re following the song lyrics to perfection. You must be itching to see this!

So go ahead and hit that play button on the video to witness this performance. By the end of it, you’ll be singing “Hallelujah!”

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