Marcus is an MMA fighter, and he loves his dear wife, Mishel. When they got a kid, they named him Liam and showered the little one with all the love in the world. Liam was the apple of their eye!

One day, Mishel was a little busy with reading and Marcus was napping, so Mishel asked Liam’s aunt to take the baby for a little walk outside. The aunt did exactly that, and their nice, happy walk took them to the main road. They needed to cross, and Liam’s aunt was smart enough to wait for the green light before stepping onto the road. That’s when the stupid drunk struck!

A drunken woman rammed her car right into them at the green light! The aunt survived with injuries, but Liam succumbed. It was such a heartbreak for the family. Mishel and Marcus decided to donate Liam’s organs to help another person live, and they’re now actively involved in raising awareness and advocating for harsher penalties for drunk drivers.

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