Nicolette Gray, a 15-year-old girl from California who was living a lavish life by getting an excessive allowance of $5,000 every month.

However, when her mom decided to reduce it to $1,000, Nicolette didn’t like it at all and appeared on “Dr. Phil” complaining and crying because of her mom’s treatment. Nicolette said that she was “forced to live like a peasant” with this reduction in disposable income.

The teen girl proudly calls herself a “brat” and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle filled with designer handbags and must-have clothes. However, her mother, Nina Gray, noticed that Nicolette was racking up massive credit card bills and decided to act. In addition to reducing her daughter’s monthly disposable income, Nina also invited a family friend named Joel to live with them and keep an eye on Nicolette’s spending habits.

Nicolette said that she needs $2,500 to cover her basic expenses and is always running out of money now that her allowance was lower. Nina appeared with her daughter on “Dr. Phil” and explained that her daughter had become spoiled, bratty, and entitled with the lavish allowance.

She regretted spoiling her daughter. Nicolette was exposed to credit cards ever since she was little, and she had understandably grown accustomed to always having the money within reach.

Nina also stated that she had no idea how to get her daughter’s obnoxious behavior under control. She usually ended up just giving in to her daughter because Nicolette would threaten to make her mother’s life hell otherwise. Dr. Phil responded that he did not think Nicolette needed a raise in her allowance.

He even commented that overindulgence can actually be a form of child abuse. Rather than allowing Nicolette to spend astronomical sums of money, he suggested her mom should spend more time with her and that the two should build an emotional bond.

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