Let’s admit it. Most of us found or still find standing in an ice rink very challenging. You try your best to stay upright and not fall embarrassingly in front of others. That’s why when we watch those incredible ice skaters sliding flawlessly their feet on ice, we just wonder how in the world can they do it so perfectly?

We get already fascinated by one individual ice skater’s performance, now we’re gonna watch a group of 16 ice skaters pulling off one of the most jaw-dropping ice shows we’ve seen so far. When you see for yourself, you’re totally going to agree with us! there is certainly years of practice, hard work and patience behind these amazing talents.

It is known that ice skating is a beautiful sport, but at the same time it’s really dangerous, since you’re performing on ice and one missed move can probably cause the skater a very bad injury. So watching these 16 young ice skaters putting their amazing dance routine on display with such precision and coordination it’s something you shouldn’t miss out!

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (WSSC) are the world championships for the sport of synchronized skating. Every year, groups of skaters try their best to impress both spectators and jury by putting on amazing dance routines that can win them the first spot and the WSSC championship title

The WSSCs 2015 edition was held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the home team really blew everyone away with their stunning and perfectly executed routine.

Dancing to “Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner, 16 Canadian skaters moved fluidly together like river. Not one competitor put a single toepick out of line.

They skated with such ease, all while getting the audience revved up to the classic Tina Turner hit.

At one moment, all skaters were going backward and you think they’re going to crash into one other, but they actually pass each other like with style. Every single move they make is so beautiful to behold. They nailed it!

This breathtaking ice dance routine won them the championship that year! And Ladies, you absolutely deserve it! Congratulations!

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