When the people living around The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee heard the noisy rumblings and trumpeting of elephants, they knew something was up. And something great was surely happening at the sanctuary, and this video here is swelling the internet because of it!

It’s about this nice story of these two elephants. About 20 years ago, Shirley was 20. At about that very time, Jenny was arriving from Asia as a little calf. The two found themselves in the same circus. They forged a friendship that has proven to hold even after 2 whole decades apart!

Fast-forward to the current scene, and Shirley is the one arriving this time around. The two recognize each other immediately they lock eyes. They’re friends to the death. You can’t help but admire the kind of connection these two creatures share with each other.

Even at the barn, they always want to lock into each other in an embrace, even trying to rip off the metal barriers separating them. They want to be together forever. Luckily, they’re set to be together from now on!

Watch this incredible video and SHARE everywhere!

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