Irish dance is an underrated dance form that people don’t immediately think of when they’re asked to name a dance style. But the fast paced, elaborate dancing style is incredibly challenging and always captivating to watch; you can never take your eyes off the dancer’s feet.

The group named Fusion Fighters, left the audience amazed at their incredible moves. The talented members have already established themselves as one of the best Irish dance groups in the world. They have gained fans from all over the world with their revolutionary and dramatic performances which constantly leave crowds satisfied.

At the Irish Dance World Championships held in Dublin in 2017, dancers from 20 countries came to show the judges what they’ve got. However, the Fusion Fighters, led by founder Chris Naish, put on a show that had everyone at the edge of their seats.

From solo dance to small groups to huge ensemble moments, the performance goes through so many levels that complete one whole show.

Chris said that due to their busy schedules they struggled to find time to rehearse the routine, so the performance was a bit risky. But you never could have guessed based on this amazing performance. If this performance is what they can do when under-rehearsed, then I can’t even imagine how good their dancing is when they feel fully prepared.

Chris admitted that there were difficulties to rehearse the routine due to everyone’s busy schedules, so there was a risk of failure. We could never thought of this, since they nailed every single move. If they can do a performance like this when under-rehearsed, then I can’t even imagine how good their dancing is when they feel fully prepared.

The traditional Irish music combined with the team’s stunning dance skills deserve a stand ovation! It’s  impossible to take your eyes off what happens next as the rest of the dance team come onto the stage.

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