High school times are one of the most unforgettable in one’s life, especially the prom night. But for this group of students, their night is one they will always remember, but not for the reasons you might think.

These four teen boys dressed in matching brown pants, white shirts and suspenders. No they weren’t going to make a fashion show but a completely different something else. And their video quickly spread like wildfire.

At first, They start to dance to the known opening notes of Ben E. King’s classic song, “Stand By Me”. However, after only a minute of dancing to the song. The music suddenly changed to Chubby Checker’s iconic “Let’s Twist Again”.

Audience has no idea that the show just started at that moment.


The name of this routine dance is “New Evolution of Dance,” which should sound familiar. The original “Evolution of Dance” was one of the first-ever viral videos on YouTube. Dancer Jason Laipply uploaded a video of his 2001 performance in which he performed dance styles from various eras spanning the past 50 years of pop culture.

After his video, many people and groups were inspired to make parodies and similar videos since, including the climax of the film Napoleon Dynamite. It obviously inspired these kids, as they decided to update that video with their own unique spin.

These boys perform dances from he 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and beyond. It takes a lot of braveness to do this on prom night and in front of your classmates. But looking at their smiles, it is obvious that they’re enjoying every single moment of their performance.

In this video of more that 6 minutes, we can see these kids bouncing, twirling, and flipping all over the stage, while their classmates groove right along with them.

Millions of people have already seen the video and they absolutely loved it. Big chance, it will stay on the internet for years to come. And maybe these kids will come back with another one that will be as good if not better than this one.

Watch the performance and see if you can name all the dances they do!

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