4-Yr-Old Steps to The Mic With Accordion in Hand. Crowd Goes Crazy When He Steals The Show

It was in Lafayette, Louisiana, that Hunter Haye’s musical career sprouted. One day, there was a huge concert featuring various artistes, and one Hank Williams, Jr., was among them. Hank is the guy who would “sling-shot” Hunter into the world of fame and stardom.

Introducing the then little Hunter, Hank made sure to keep the spotlight glued on the 4-year-old. What happened next is something everyone is still going crazy over. Now wait for the moment when Hunter steps into the stage with an accordion in his arms. He’s charismatic and focused. This little one is a star already!

Now scratch all that and wait for what happens next. Little Hunter reaches for the mic and says something that immediately sends the crowd into a roar, and then he starts his thing with an accordion and makes the people even crazier. By the time he starts actually singing, everyone is almost possessed. Not even Hank can keep himself from joining in the fun!

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