Whoever told you that dads are old people who can’t step to any beat lied big-time!

All you’ve to do is click on this video to have your whole mind blown away. See how these old guys entertain the crowd. Notice how the people are overwhelmed by the unique atmosphere of this original performance. By the time it’s over, you’ll be clapping and jumping around!

They’re the Christmas Jumpers, and they jump to make people happy. This is a group of dads that came together for a performance. The dance routine is called the Sugar Plum Fairy. They swing and jump around on the stage with great coordination and energy. See how happy everyone is!

To reflect the perfect mood of old people doing cool stuff onstage, the dads are clad in all the odd clothes  – ugly sweaters plus rescinding hairlines. That gives you the idea of just how much they love being dads. It’s the perfect depiction of proud fathers. You must see this!

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