For one Phoebe Kannisto, being a mom to 6 cute sons is the blessing of her life. To spice it up some more, these little ones are the smartest when it comes to serving humanity. When a family friend’s son succumbed to cancer 3 years ago, the kids started a mission that’s now touching hearts every day!

This particular story tells of 3 of the kids who decided to grow out their hair to donate to Children with Hair Loss as a show of solidarity with the family friend. They endured the harsh remarks from bullies. They were strong and focused, and they weren’t about to give up their charitable mission just because of some miserable bully was spewing nonsense. And they made it!

After a cool 3 months, they walked into a barber shop and had their hair cut. Together, they donated a whole 17 feet of hair! Even their little sister was all up for the game. She wanted to join in. All of the kids are now planning another massive mission together. What cuteness!

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