62 years ago, Sinatra & Presley teamed up for an unearthed TV duet that still sends chills down everyone’s spine

People love music, and most especially when it’s sang by the best of the best. You’ll agree that Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra were perhaps two of the most prolific musicians of the times gone by. That’s why this video is going to tug at your very soul, because when any of these people took to the stage, things always got very heated up!

Now, what would happen if the two decided to pull together and do a special? You guessed right. It would be one heck of an incredible performance! Well, they did it!

On March 26th, at 6:15 PM in Miami, Florida, history was made when Elvis and Sinatra took the stage together. The two took the stage to record a special called “Welcome Home Elvis”, celebrating Elvis’s return home from his military service. Elvis served in the United States Army between March 1958 and March 1960, after being drafted.

The Sinatra/Presley duet came as a surprise to many, as it was long rumored that there was some sort of feud between the two musicians, though it’s thought that their rift was primarily created by the media of the time. The rumor is difficult to confirm as true, and they were consummate professionals. If there was any bad blood, it’s impossible to see in this performance. The show aired on television on May 12, 1960, and made television history. More than 67% of the viewing audience witnessed this amazing spectacle.

Listen to Frank and Elvis sing “Love Me Tender” in the video below! Hopefully, more videos like this surface in the future!

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