Imagine that you’re an 8-year-old kid, and then an old man of many folds your age is going to be your husband at that miserably young age. What would you think of the culture that allows such things to happen to kids? It’s rotten!

You might not even believe it, but this is something that happens and has been happening in Yemen for too long now. Instead of kids being to school, they’re married off to much old men. This destroys the child’s life forever. It leaves scars, both on her body and soul. It’s unjustified, yet no significant step has been taken to root it out. It’s sad!

Just recently, an 8-year-old child was raped by her heartless “husband” on her wedding night. As a human with real emotions and rationale, you can imagine the kind of ordeal that little girl went through. It was so horrible that she bled to death. This kind of thing should be criminalized!

In effort to spread awareness against this barbaric Yemeni culture, this guy produced this video as a social experiment to gauge the people’s reactions. You might want to see it.

Check it out and give your opinion. What do you think of this kind of culture? Drop your comment and SHARE this on Facebook!

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