Addie spent most of her young life at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas due to Larsen syndrome, She was born with this rare condition that causes abnormal development of the bones.

Little Addie was born with her legs “backwards.” At only 5 days old, she was obliged to wear casts. In the coming years, the little girl would go through what mom estimates to be around 60 or 70 casts, with additional surgeries on top of that.

For her 8th birthday, Addie decided to do something that left everyone stunned. They couldn’t believe witnessing something like this from the “girl with the backwards knees.”

Addie’s family couldn’t afford the expensive medical treatments that she was in need of, If it wasn’t for the free care Addie received at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Addie’s condition would have gone worse. Mom Julie told WFAA:

“When she was born, her knees were backward, her legs were all the way up to her head, she had hip dysplasia, and a club foot. We didn’t know if she would ever walk, if she would ever run.”

Thanks to the efforts of the medical staff at the hospital, Addie now can enjoy walking, running, jumping and do so much more! She’s now living like a happy kid!

Addie couldn’t forget what the hospital workers did for her, they completely changed her life and helped her enjoy every day outside like she wants to.

The little girl decided to do something so special that her story has stunned everyone who has heard about it.


In 2015, when Addie was about to turn 8, she had one birthday gift in mind – but it wasn’t for her. Addie was determined to raise $8,000 for the hospital that took care of her and helped her heal. All this sweet girl wanted to do was pay it forward to a new generation of kids who needed the same kind of help.

That’s when the young lady made a homemade sign and stood on a busy street corner near her home in Rockwell, Texas. Addie began to collect donations so that other children at the hospital could get prosthetic devices or casts, which would help them get well fast!


Addie’s perseverance and hard work paid off. News quickly spread about her wonderful story and she managed to raise $19,500 to help other young patients. But, her incredible generosity didn’t stop there…

An anonymous philanthropist heard about Addie’s story and was deeply touched by what she had came through as a baby. The person sent a letter to the hospital along with a donation in Addie’s name for $50,000, bringing Addie’s grand total to just shy of $70,000!

Now Texas Scottish Rite, which relies on charitable donations, can continue helping other kids just like Addie. The 8-year-old says that this story was never about her, but about that place of healing that became her second home. She’s certainly making this hospital a lot more cheerful for all the other kids who call it their second home, too.

Awww, what Addie did for the hospital is so amazing, and she’s such a spirited young lady! The world could certainly learn a few lessons from this beautiful soul.


Watch this video to find out more about Addie’s amazing gift from the heart.

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