90-year-old grandma dedicates a hilarious version of Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces” to senior citizens

Tifany Richardson has a funny grandmother, she enjoys her company and decides to share it with the world. Tifany recorded an amazing video of her grandmother and posted it online. The video quickly went viral with thousands people sending their love and support. The video was an incredible rendition of Patsy Cline’s hit song, “I Fall To Pieces.”

The grandmother made another version of the song and dedicated it to all senior citizens. With her amazing talent, the grandmother, called Vera, just proved that age isn’t a problem and you can still prove what you’re capable of.

The grandmother turned the classic hit’s title “I Fall To Pieces” into her own quirky version, called “We Fall To Pieces.” If you’ve ever been around the elderly, you know how difficult getting older can be on their bodies and minds.

With her wisdom of this natural process, not only did Vera first dedicate the song to other senior citizens, but she notes that the song serves as a warning as to what happens to your life as you start aging. The monologue before the song is just as funny as her parody itself! She warns witnesses of the song that aging is no joke!

Her hilarious warning to others about the aging process sent guests, of both young and old ages, into fits of laughter! Vera began strumming on her guitar as she sang the classic song with her very own lyrical genius. She warns that just when it’s time to have fun in life, aging bodies fall to pieces!

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