90-Year-Old Widow Faces $2K a Day in Fines, Walks Outside to See Strangers Changing Her Property

Why would anyone want to get a 90-year-old nice lady in trouble? Well, it happened that a relative of Agnes’ wasn’t so straightforward with her. They secretly kept dumping and pilling up trash in her yard until the neighbors couldn’t take it anymore. They reported the matter to the authorities and Agnes soon found herself facing a daily $2k fine unless she got rid of the dirt. But she’s 90!

Agnes couldn’t even walk properly at that age, let alone cleaning up her own backyard. Her house’s roof was about to fall out too. At some point, she decided to find some help. She contacted Operation Blessing, and that changed everything!

They showed up and cleaned her compound, fixed her house and cleaned it up too.

And that wasn’t the end of it. Later on, Agnes would go out back and find people just fixing stuff for her. That’s so humane! What do you think about this?

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