Russ Gremel was four years old when his family moved into a new home in Jefferson Park, Chicago in 1923. At that time, the street lights were lit at night, and people used horses to move around town. It was a quiet little town.

98-year old Russ now lives alone in the same house. Russ still enjoys his oatmeal.  Despite Russ’ simple life, he has a 70-year old secret.

Back in the day, his brother advised him to invest in the pharmacy business. As we know women need their makeup and medicine as a necessity. With only $1,000, Russ bought a stock at a local pharmacy.

Years later, the Walgreens pharmacy has grown into a national chain.  The stock purchased by Russ is worth $ 2 million in worth.

Russ continued to live a modest life. He’s always lived by himself and never got married or had children. And he never told anyone that he’s a millionaire.

“He has always lived frugally,” neighbor Patrick Falso told Today.

Russ decided what he wanted to do with the stock years later. The Illinois Audubon Society was the lucky beneficiary of Russ’ donation. The society had been eyeing a piece of property for some time. Thanks to Russ’ gift, the society was able to open a 400-acre wildlife refuge and named it after Russ.

“You have to do some good in this world. That’s what money is for,” says Russ.

The sanctuary is home to a few hundred bird species, but it’s also a place for people to enjoy and learn about nature.

Russ, who is still active in the Boy Scouts, visits the park on a regular basis.

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