Shelly Foster knew she was adopted and made it her business to find her biological family. Shelly did not have any clue whom her birth parents were until she cleared high school. She decided to join the military.

During her enrollment at the U.S Air Force Recruitment office, she saw her birth certificate for the first time. Shelly also learned her birth name was Ruth Mary Anthes. The new information made her question other things she never knew existed.

It was tedious and time-consuming for Shelly to locate her birth family. Fortunately, 60 years later, 78-year-old Sherry met her brother. She traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet her biological family.

Thanks to the Internet, Sherry stumbled upon her birth mother’s obituary. Although she missed the chance to meet her birth mother, she got to meet her brother.

Shelly’s brother, Fredric Vanderwoude, was traced by the Foster children. He agreed to take a DNA test. To their surprise, Shelly and Fredrick had a 100 percent match.

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