When a woman and her friend went out for lunch at a diner, they brought along their young children. The children were out of control and the mothers didn’t seem to care to try to control them. Halfway through their meal, the manager approached the two women and offered them some advice. He had taken notice of the group and wanted to make sure he could offer them any help he possibly could. What he said needed to be said. But the two women did not appreciate his advice and proceeded to get very, very angry.

With numerous children seated between them at a large table in the center of the dinner, the two women, presumably sisters, were shocked when the manager approached them with his advice. The place is family friendly so the two women had thought it was okay for them to allow their children to run about the restaurant causing havoc and being loud.

The other patrons had complained to the manager and agreeing that the children’s behavior was beyond anything acceptable, he politely went up to the women to offer his advice.

With courtesy and respect, the manager asked the women if they could please keep their children under control. He told them that the kids were bothering other paying customers and enough was enough.

While most parents would have appreciated the manager’s kind approach, these mothers took it personally and grew angry. The mother in the video even though what the manager said was unacceptable – which most people agree it was not.

Angry that the manager had confronted her about her boisterous children, she decided to put her online filmmaking classes to good use – she took out her cell phone and began recording the “rude manager.”

Because she thought the manager was out of line for politely asking her to keep her kids quiet, she decided to record him speaking and post the video to YouTube as a subversive method of retaliation.

But she only succeeded in demonstrating her own sense of entitlement. She proceeded to rip apart the calm manager’s polite rebuke. She claimed the restaurant was not catering to families – her family especially by letting out of control children destroy the peace and quiet.

She uploaded the video of the manager to YouTube under the title “Rude manager” because she thought he was the problem not her. This is the problem with entitled people – they refuse to take personal responsibility for their own lives. And this leaves them looking foolish.

The mother’s rant also showed how she has no respect for language around her children. She bombarded the polite manager with f-bombs as her kids looked on and learned her way of life.

Thankfully people like you came to the manager’s defense in the YouTube comments. People agree that the mother is to blame and is taking things way too far. If she simply kept her kids under control, the manager would not have had to come over in the first place.

Watch the full incident in the video below:

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