A man can only get so annoying. There are some humans with a knack for making others feel bad, and this one guy in the video seems to top that list. But Karma doesn’t skip a chance to bring some justice on the wrong-doers. And it can get pretty instant, you know!

This video was captured by a dashcam at a traffic light. Here’s a nice driver waiting for the lights to wave way, and here’s another old human walking his dog. However, the dog walker happens to be in the mood for some nasty behavior, so he figures it okay to try bullying the driver. Next? WHOA!

The guy stands right in front of the car and starts acting all angry and pointing down. Then he goes on to move while at it. His own dog is even uncomfortable with his behavior, but not nearly as uncomfortable as it’s going to get. While the guy is busy mocking the driver, he ends up walking right into a traffic light pole! His head!

The clip has now broken the internet with over 6 million views. You should see it. SHARE it too!

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