Austrian musician plays unbelievably beautiful panflute rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’

Firth thing that comes to our mind when we think about German music is the melodies of “The Sound of Music”. Those mesmerizing views of the mountains while Germans playing Pipes is just a wonderful experience.

The Pan Pipes are also known as the Pan Flute or Syrinx to the Ancient Greeks. This classical instrument has been around for centuries and is also popular in countries such as Peru, China, and many European destinations. The pipes have their origins rooted in Greek mythology, named after Pan the faun, the god of nature and shepherds.

One of the most famous masters of the Pan Pipes is David Doering. His passion is taking to the Austrian countryside to work his magic by playing these pipes with expert precision. This particular video will give you the chills as he takes on the iconic song “Amazing Grace.”

In addition to the beautiful melody, the video also showcases the beauty of Austria as David travels through the areas of Rifflsee and the Nature Park House. The stunning mountains are the perfect backdrop for the sounds of the ancient instrument and the meaning of this legendary hymn. It is shocking how well David is able to control the pipes and sustain even the longest notes.

This haunting music will leave you breathless. After you have watched this mesmerizing performance, be sure to spread the sound to every music lover that you know. This is simply too good to keep to yourself.

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