Baby girl gets teddy bear from deployed daddy – Now watch what happens when she squeezes its hand

Members of the United States military are making huge sacrifices for their people and country, as they risk their lives every day to protect our freedoms. Their families are doing the same thing since they’re obliged to be seperated from their loved ones for very long periods of time, missing them and praying for their safety.

Pia is a little girl who knows about these sacrifices all too well, as her dad Drew is a serviceman who is currently deployed. Before Drew left, he made a teddy bear for her with a very special voice recording inside. He then made his wife promise not to give the bear to Pia until one month into his deployment.

After a month finally past, the moment came for Pia’s mom to give the bear to her. She decided to film Pia’s reaction so that she could send it to Drew, and the little girl certainly did not disappoint with how she responded! When Pia pressed the bear’s paw, she heard a recording of her dad’s voice saying, “Hi, P. I love you. I’ll see you soon.”

“Daddy!” Pia screamed as soon as she heard the recording.

Drew has spent years serving in the U.S. Navy, so he is used to being away from his family. However, things are different this time because his wife Kelly is pregnant with their second daughter, who is due four months before Drew is set to get home. This makes being away from his family that much more difficult for him, and we appreciate the huge sacrifice that he is making for his country. God bless you, Drew!

Watch the adorable reaction of Pia when she hears her daddy’s voice in the video below:

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