It’s a fact. Everyone has their firsts to everything. Do you remember how you felt the first time you got a “dip” in the huge bathtub? Exactly! It’s always a great moment to savor!

Now, here’s a video that’s doing quite some rounds on the internet. This baby girl went to McDonald’s with her loving parents. No one suspected that she was going to experience a first there, until it actually happened!

So the family is having a great time at the table, and the kid reaches out to take a sip of Daddy’s Coke. Next? You can’t miss this! It’s all hysteria and hilarious. People are hurting their ribs over this. You can bet that after this, this kid will want to drink all the coke in the world. Wow!

Want some good laugh? Go ahead and hit “play” on the video and get to enjoy this awesome moment.

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