Baby Visits Zoo Dressed As a Lion Cub. Now Watch When The Lion Sees Him.. I Didn’t See THIS Coming!

At just 11 months of age, Aryeh already knows what his name means. In Hebrew, the name Aryeh means “Lion!”

To back up his name, this kid has a fixation with lions. He loves to watch them. He even owns a lion costume! One day, his mom decided to change things a little and let the kid see a lion one-on-one. So she took him to the zoo and dressed him up in his lion costume. She let him watch the big cats through the glass. And then the lions saw him!

The big cats were obviously interested in him. They probably wondered how this little lion had affording himself the right to live with humans and watch other animals from the other side of the glass. They got so fascinated that one of them actually walked up the kid and started an interaction!

The big cat put its paws on the glass and the kid did the same. Now this is too cool to describe! Just click on this video and have your mind blown.

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