One of the most valuable things people can give to each other is unconditional love. When Tripp was born, his parents knew that there would be people who would treat him differently, because he has Down syndrome. However, when it comes to babies, love and affection are all they know, and apart from food, it’s the only thing that matters to them. In the Tripp family, everyone sees in him the miracle he really is, especially his older brothers Rayce and Jayce. When JJ Grieves and Nicole Powell were expecting Tripp, who would be their third son, they learned that he would have Down syndrome.

Doctors knew what is obvious, that someone with Down syndrome could have a different quality of life than non-Downs babies have. But the doctors weren’t counting on this special family. The doctors even suggested that Nicole terminate the pregnancy, and she and JJ were horrified. They didn’t consider it for even a second, they say. JJ says, “He’s the same as the rest of us. He just takes a little longer to learn, a little more caring, a little bit more loving, but isn’t that what the world needs?” When it comes to Tripp’s big brothers, they say that “Love doesn’t count chromosomes.” That’s all it comes down to with Down syndrome. It’s a matter of an extra chromosome.

But to the boys, it’s not just words. They also show their love with actions. In fact, Jayce drew his own Down syndrome ribbon in honor of his little brother, and his parents had it turned into stickers for his bicycle. it reads, “Ride for Tripp.” When it comes to Rayce, he sings his love to his baby brother. Last December, Nicole caught a special moment between the older brother and his baby brother. In the video, Rayce is singling “10,000 Hours,” a song by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber. The precious video went viral, causing more than a few world viewers to have to start wiping their eyes.

In the caption to the video, Nicole said, “This is how Rayce bonds with Tripp. He sings to him all the time. He swears this song is about him and his brother.” Rayce gazes lovingly at his baby brother and Tripp gazes right back with all of the love in the world in his eyes. It’s obvious that Rayce means every single word. Watch the touching video below.

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