Some people have a negative perception about big-bodied people. They think such people can’t “shake it” or “take steps” on a dance floor. Well, it’s our pleasure to introduce one guy that has beaten the odds to top the lists of the most talented dancers out there. His name is John Lindo, and he’s one heck of a big-bodied guy!

John developed a passion for dancing in his days as kid, and not even his size could stand between him and his love for moving to beats. He took classes and even entered dancing competitions. He’s even took home a few important prizes like the Phoenix Champion of Champions, the U.S Open, and Grand Nationals. This guy clearly a dancer!

Watch the video and witness his game. Together with his partner, Deborah, Szekely, this man is about to bring down the house the moment he hits the stage during the North Atlantic dance Championship. You can’t miss his charm!

They move, twirl and whirl, slide and glide. By the time they’re done, the crowd is already taken. They’re winning!

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