In a poignant moment on the show’s Most Memorable Year week, Bindi Irwin orchestrated a deeply moving dance routine. Reflecting on 2006, the year her father tragically passed away, Bindi considered it to be her most memorable year. In a pre-recorded segment, she revealed that she had not dwelled on that painful event for the past nine years, but felt ready to share her story.

As Bindi’s dance unfolded, it evoked powerful emotions, leaving many audience members in tears. The heartfelt performance garnered the season’s first perfect score of 10, marking a significant milestone in the competition.

Throughout the show, Bindi’s mother, Terri, has been a constant source of support, cheering her on every week. Terri acknowledged the strength Bindi displayed during that challenging time, but also acknowledged the profound loss they both experienced. She expressed that losing someone so deeply loved leaves a permanent void in one’s heart, making it difficult to fully recover.

Bindi Irwin’s tribute dance served as a touching tribute to her father, Steve Irwin, capturing the hearts of the audience and reminding everyone of the lasting impact he had on their lives

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