Boy bullies brother and sister for weeks – but when he receives this gift from them, he immediately apologizes

In most cases, children who are taught how to trust in God and have faith in the word can do things which can leave us touched. Phoenix, 8, and Kingston, 7, family trusts in God and the two kids have been going through the biblical teaching since their parents introduced them to it.

One day, while these kids were one their way back home, they came across a bully in their school bus. The bully called them names and as opposed to calling them names or picking up a fight with him, they told their mother, Kyla, who answered by arranging a meeting with the school administration. According to reports, the school principal met with the bully and ordered a seat change on the bus.

The bullying calmed down for a while, but then came back again.The brothers did not know what to do. This time, their dad advised them to give the bully a bible and tell him about Jesus’ love.

The Bible is a familiar book in the Walwyns’ house. All have their own copy, and the children carry the word of God in their hearts. Without hesitation, they went ahead and did exactly what their dad taught them and what followed was quite unexpected.

“We gave it to [the bully] and two minutes later when it was almost his stop to get off, he just said thank you and [I’m] sorry for all the bad stuff [I] did to you.” Surprised, brother and sister rushed home and told their father the good news.

The father was stunned that the gesture had paid off immediately, but glad the bully finally apologized. Now the bullying has stopped and the Walwyn brothers keep their Bibles even closer to their hearts.

This is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever come across. Will you want your kids to treat bullies the same way the once in this video did? Don’t you think that’s the best way of treating those who hurt you?

See an interview about the unusual story below.

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