Everyone has a certain hobby. Some people love skydiving, mountain climbing or even surfing – while others love calm activities like reading, painting, or cooking.

And then, you have those who enjoy both. If you’re someone who enjoys adventure as well as calm, then perhaps “antiquing” is your chosen hobby.


On one episode of Antiques Roadshow, one of the youngest collectors the show has ever presented got the surprise of a lifetime…

the boy revealed a painting he had bought for a mere two dollars. While sitting with the host, David Weiss, The little boy explains that he has passion of collecting and selling glass, sterling silver, and art.


Then the youngster business man went ahead and tells the story about the painting he brought on the show: “This piece was found at an auction in South Jersey – I got it for two bucks. We thought it was a watercolor, but we couldn’t tell because of the UV glass.”

David agrees with the boy – the painting is in fact a watercolor. A very interesting watercolor that harbors a secret.


As David and the boy continue their conversation about the stunning art, David points out the piece has been signed in the lower right hand corner. To the boy’s amazement, the watercolor was painted back in the late 19th century by a Dutch artist by the name of Albert Neuhuys.

David asks, “You paid two dollars, what do you think it might be worth today?” The boy’s thoughts on the the worth of the painting are nowhere near the actual price tag!


Watch the video below to learn the worth of this South Jersey antique find – and to see the youngster’s priceless reaction to it.

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