In 2003, the US launched Operation Iraqi Freedom on Iraqi soil. Having enlisted in 2001 and worked up to the rank of a Lieutenant, Jonathan Rozier was among the soldiers who got deployed. But fate didn’t play out so well for him. Rozier was killed in June the same year. He left behind a widow and a 9-month-old son, Justin. Jessica talked to her husband Jonathan just 12 hours before his death, she gave him updates about their little son, but sadly Jonathan never got to meet him.

Jessica, devastated by her loss, she realized that she had taken a double responsibility and she had to do her best to provide to her child a good life. She decided to sell some of her late husband’s belongings. One thing in particular that she was looking to move on, was Jonathan’s black Toyota convertible, from 1999.

Jessica was obliged to sell the car because she had a loan on the house she needed to pay off. She didn’t think much more about it; after all, she was now raising a child on her own.

Fast-forward over 14 years later, and Justin is now a promising teen growing into a great man.He started collecting his father’s pictures and other things that had belonged to him, but the young boy wanted one thing; his dad’s old car. One day, she was looking for Justin’s documents when she came across the car’s registration details. She there and then made up her mind to try and track down her husband’s old Toyota, which she had sold many years previous. She knew that it was probably a pointless task, but she wanted to try for her son’s sake.

Jessica took to social media, enlisting the help of friends and family to find the car. Her heart-warming request quickly went viral, and then something unbelievable happened.

Jessica was able to find the contact of the car’s current owner. At first, the owner wasn’t interested in selling the car, but then they made a deal, and Jessica purchased it. The only thing was left to do was bringing the car home, restore and fix it, then surprise her son. However, the story doesn’t end here…

One kind man named, Kyle Fox, heard the story and did to do something for this loving mom who wanted to give her son the thing he wanted more than anything..

Now you want to know what he did and Justin’s reaction upon seeing his father’s old car rolling onto the driveway… So watch the whole story in this video below:

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