The First World War still remains as one of the most traumatic periods in human history. However, it’s not lost on us that in 1914, something happened on Christmas Day and made history. On that day, the English and German armies on opposite sides of a war zone came together to celebrate the birth of Christ. In fact, they even played a historical football match to mark the day. While this happened, the guns and bombs all went silent for 2 hours as the two sides exchanged gifts and shared all kinds of niceties.

That’s why this advert will touch your core. It’s centered on this very historic event. The ad works to relive this experience and give you a bare feel of what really happened. You just want to keep watching!

From the video, you get to experience the true nature of humanity – no boundaries based on tribe or nationality. Everyone is free and happy. Christmas is global, and it should be respected. It’s the holy grail of true peace and happiness!

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