Bride Startled When She Looks over, Sees Groom in Lake. Then Finds Out What’s Really Going On

When Brittany was looking for a husband, she obviously wanted a real man – a brave, focused man who could handle life and all the challenges. She wanted someone like Cook, and she found him. However, she didn’t know he would do this and on their wedding day!

On their most special day of their lives, Brittany wanted to have her portrait done. She wanted to keep the memory of this beautiful wedding day forever. While she was having this done, her groom was somewhere within reach, and then he suddenly disappeared!

Turns out, Cook had spotted some 3 boys playing around close to a river, and then one of them went out of his view. Being a careful man, Cook needed to ascertain the whereabouts of the third boy, so he walked up to the river to check. What he found? Shocking!

The boy had fallen into the water and was fighting hard to keep himself afloat. Cook knew he had to do something very fast. He went in and pulled the boy out. This is great. He saved a life!

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