“Bride-to-be” ran off after $900 worth of hair salon services, so staff call her out in public to teach her a lesson

When “Ashley” walked into the de Cielo Salon and Spa, she appeared like a usual customer. She told Samantha, the stylist, that she felt terrible about her appearance. She even lied she had an appointment.

Ashley with no second name had an urgent situation. She had an engagement to shoot the following day and needed to look good. Samantha felt sorry for the bride-to-be and started working on her immediately.

Ashley’s hair needed a lot of work like removing the hair extensions and coloring her hair. It took Samantha six hours to get her hair done at a cost totaling to $900.

The client requested to use the restroom before going to the counter to pay. However, she hurried outside to an unlicensed white SUV and drove off. Unknown to the woman, the surveillance camera had captured the entire scenario.

With a fake name and an unlicensed car, it was difficult to trace the woman. However, the salon shared the footage on Facebook, and someone else claimed the woman did the same thing in their salon. 24 hours later; someone spotted the woman and notified the police. She was arrested and charged.

This video shows how people came together to crack this case and punish this woman for her actions. After you have watched the whole story, you pass it on to everyone that you know to see what they think!

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