Bullies Call Him “Gay” Because He Dances – Then Simon Says 4 Words That Make Audience Cheer

One thing most special kids don’t realize is that as long as they prove to be special in a way, they’ll always attract the attention of some bullies. Bullies disturb other kids because they’ve no other means to measure up to their potential. This is something Jack Higgins came to realize after being bullied for being a good dancer. Imagine that!

14-year-old Jack loves dancing, and he won’t let anything get between him and ballet dancing. Not even his schoolmates and classmates. Not even the bullies can get him off the field. While they kept shouting at him about how he should be playing football instead of dancing, Jack just gave them a deaf ear and did his practice. And then it bore its first fruits!

The teen decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent, and what happened during the audition is something every bully will cry about. Jack danced and made it through. You should hear the judges talking about it! He got a “YES!”

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