There’s no greater feeling than going on vacation. A little holiday to unwind and getaway can be a much-needed treat. Especially when somebody else cleans and cooks for you. Hotel breakfasts are usually pretty standard, but have you ever had a hotel breakfast while being joined by some humpback whales?

For some very lucky guests staying at the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, British Columbia in Canda, they were in for a once-in-a-lifetime breakfast show.

Guests at the lodge were left in awe as they went to sit on the lake-side terrace for their morning meal. Still in their dressing-gowns and feeling relaxed, the guests noticed the water next to them start to bubble.

But what were the whales doing in the cove? An amateur cetologist (whale studies) on Reddit explains that the humpback whales are actually using a strategy to eat.

“They’ve chased a school of fish into that cove. They get it nice and concentrated, then blow bubbles around the school, like a makeshift net. Then several humpbacks dive below and surge to the surface all at once, mouths open, eating gigantic amounts of fish. It’s a typical hunting technique that humpbacks use.”

It makes sense to us. Either way, the guests were just in awe of these majestic giants swimming so close to them. At one point, two guests even high-five each other as they can’t believe what they’re witnessing.

To be honest, I don’t blame them, it’s a pretty spectacular sight to behold. Watch the amazing scene in the video below:

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