Laura was obsessed with long brown locks and she had them for years. Then one day she realized time to lose them had finally come. She had been diagnosed with cancer and chemotherapy was to make her lose them.

In readiness to face the treatment, she opted for a carefree hairstyle with a bold new look. By doing that, she never knew the clip below will end up being classified under the most popular “Extreme Hair Makeovers,” on YouTube.

In the clip below, we witness as Jerome Lordet, a New York City stylist ends up with a super-short cut from her super-long locks. Though it is quite emotional to see how what you have loved for years is taken away, Laura is committed to have the change.

You have to watch below to see Laura’s reaction to the big difference. You will easily understand why her makeover went viral and at the moment has more than 6 million viewers on YouTube.

Finally, the radiation made her lose all the hair – it happened two weeks after the transformation. Despite that, we have to agree on one thing – she is pretty with or minus the hair.

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