Car Runs Stop Sign Toward 2-Yr-Old, Nanny Makes One Split Second Decision: It’s Either Her or Toddler

Parents and caregivers will do anything to protect their children or young ones.

Caroline and Fox were taking a walk on 28th March in Atwater village. The two were a block away from Fox’s house when the unthinkable happened.

Caroline is Fox’s nanny. The two share a strong bond that even grew stronger after the tragic incident. Fox’s mother, Courtney Davis, is a first-time mother who loved Caroline’s presence in her child’s life.

On that fateful day, Caroline strapped Fox in a stroller and took him for a walk in the neighborhood. They had crossed the four-way stop signs on the street. There were no cars and it appeared safe to cross.

Suddenly, a car appeared at the stop sign without any warning. The car made a left turn heading towards Caroline and the toddler.

Caroline knew she had to put her life on the line to save the 2-year-old strapped in the stroller. She pushed the stroller away from her and the oncoming vehicle. She yelled at the driver to stop and held her hands defensively to protect herself.

Sadly, the car hit Caroline fracturing her arms, hand, and wrists. She heard the toddler crying but could not comfort him.

Caroline had minor scrapes but she is unsure if she will regain the full use of her hands again.

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