This Castle Is Abandoned Since 1932. But Wait Until You See Its Interior – Can You Believe It?

I have always wanted to live in a castle. Probably, the fantasy has been fueled by the Disney movies.  If you have the same fantasies, stop dreaming, pack your bags, book a ticket, and fly to Les Trios-Moutiers in France. Get ready to live your dream in an amazing castle.

The castle dates back to 1400. It originally belonged to Baucay family but has had several owners since then.  The British captured the Chateau twice towards the end of the Middle Age. They used the castle to host their parties.

The castle was destroyed during the French revolution. Francois Hennecart, a French entrepreneur, bought and restored the castle in 1809. In 1932, the owner was trying to install a central heating system, and a fire broke out. There has been no attempt to restore the castle  since then.

The castle remains hauntingly beautiful, but the trees and vegetation have covered the premises. Recently, there have been talks that aim at restoring and preserving the castle. We hope it will be successful.

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