The Veterans Society Project in Missouri, USA does exactly that, this organization deserves all the respect and praise for the wonderful things they have done so far. The group’s mission is to build tiny homes for homeless veterans. It’s a great way to relive the courage and sacrifice these heroes have shown us and the country for years. Now these veterans will not only feel safe in their new home they will now call home, but they will also be offered free counseling and job training.

The VCP website states, “The goal will be to get veterans off the street and handed the keys to their fully furnished (stored) tiny house, without the veteran having to wait for gas and oil. electricity, We will then work to stabilize them to educate them and help them reintegrate into society while addressing and removing barriers to housing as they transition to permanent housing.

Additionally, the site states, “Going from extreme isolation to intense socialization can be very overwhelming and lead to undesirable outcomes. We believe that handing over the keys to their home and allowing them to socialize at their own pace is the key to a successful outcome.

The construction project began in 2015 and ended in the winter of 2017. To those who participated in this great initiative, we thank you for being selfless human beings and thank you for serving these heroes.

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