An officer was riding down an Oregon highway one night, but what happened that night was nothing like he’s seen before and it was terrifying. When an officer is out riding his car in the middle of night, he’s generally doing this in case anyone is in a dangerous situation or a driver who is in an unstable condition (alcohol or drug influenced) who can risk others’ lives on the road.

But what an officer would never expect is seeing someone walking right in the middle of a highway lane – especially in the dark night. And even if that happened, you would first think of an adult but never of a child. But to his shock, this is exactly what happened with this officer.

The officer stopped from a short distance and started gazing at the little figure trying to believe what’s he actually seeing. This is a strong reminder to every driver on the road: Anything unexpected can happen, a careful attention is required. The tiny child, obviously confused, ran right away to the police car when the the headlights of the car led on him.

The officer rushed out immediately to pick up the lonely child. But just moments later, a semi passed right past them in the next lane.. The life of the little boy could end that moment if the officer came at the right time.

Deputy Gautney found out the full story. The parents of the child were already on the search of their son. They were terrified that something could happened to him. He wandered when the family was in a community gathering. Luckily, shortly after the rescue, the deputy took the boy to his parents.

The video was released by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office with the intention of “‘not … to ridicule or question those involved’ but to warn drivers that they need to pay full attention when driving as they could face unexpected conditions.”

Click play on the video below to watch the terrifying event unfold – it’s certainly an eye-opener!

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