Cop looks in suspicious car in empty parking, discovers shivering kid inside and knows he needs to act fast

For sure, there are some kind people around the world and we need to recognize them. In this video, Robert Wood, his wife, and kids were moving to Alaska. The family did not have a place to stay, and all Robert wanted is him and his family getting a good night’s sleep. Eventually, the family decided to save some money and spend another night sleeping in the car.

They were moving back to Oregon from Alaska, and had already made it to Eugene by the time they decided to call it a night. However, they were not prepared for what was going to happen that night.

Robert parked the car at the Alton Baker and decided to spend the night with his family. After a short while, David Natt, a police officer, knocked on their window. David took a peek inside the car and discovered a heart-breaking sight. The officer was shocked to find a four-year-old sleeping on a man’s chest, alongside a two-year-old nuzzled with a pregnant woman.

David instantly realized that he had to do something. But his next move wouldn’t involve his police badge at all.

The family was prepared for hostility, but they were surprised to know that the officer was ready to offer them a place for the night. The officer knew the night was very cold, and it would be very unbearable for the family to spend it inside a car.

Watch the amazing turn of events in the emotional video below:

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