Cop Notices Baby in Hot Car, Smashes Window and Pulls Baby to Safety, Realizes He’s Made Horrible Mistake

One hot day, Lt. Jason Short answered to a 911 about an infant abandoned in a car. He hurried over to Keene, Hampshire to see the situation.

There was a blanket covering car seat. Little feet overhang under the blanket. Since it was hot, he needed to break the window to save the baby.

Short hit his stick against the window and pulled the baby out of the seat of the vehicle seat and called an ambulance because he thought the baby was dead. The skin of the baby had spots and was pale. The situation was beginning to draw a crowd of anxious bystanders.

Short started the CPR saving breath, but the baby’s mouth did not push his finger. That is when he noticed was dead. The baby was an amazing doll. Carolynne Seiffert, the owner of the doll and car, was getting her hair cut at Super Cuts when her new car’s window was smashed to save her toy. Seiffert got angry that her car was smashed, but Short supported his actions.

The $2,300 doll weighs 10 pounds, 7 ounces.

The police department hopes that the situation is a lesson that people should be responsible with reborn dolls.

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