Cop Shows Up When 92-Yr-Old Man Causes Uproar at Bank , Then He Realizes What’s Really Going On

The law enforcement in most instances receives a bad rap from the people and the press. Many controversial incidences paint the police in a bad light.

However, something is inspiring about the officers in blue. They have stepped out to show their desire to protect and serve the citizens.

The Sea of Blue is a community-based organization that supports the police in Cleveland, Ohio. The group has officers from three different cities that seek to spread a little cheer.

The officers purchased toys worth $1,200 and offered them to random children. May Jo Grave, the group’s founder, says the events seek to bolster the relationship between the cops and citizens. Most people interact with police during emergencies or hard times.

On 22nd September, a group of officers in Connecticut took the streets to raise awareness of domestic violence. Besides saving a life, the cops can save you from embarrassing situations too.  A 92-year-old man caused a disturbance by protesting when he could not withdraw money from his account.  It turned out his card was expired and officer Josett helped the senior man renew his ID.

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