A family of 4 walked right past death at Bury Port beach, and now everyone is praising God about it. You’ll find it very hard to believe this!

So this family living in Wales decided to go have a nice time at the Beach. Gareth Gravell and his wife, Kelly, were accompanied by their two kids, a son and a daughter. While at it, the kids spotted something of interest. It was a really strange object and it fascinated the family. They even played around with it and took pictures. Then they went home, posted the pictures online, and they got shocked!

Their friends called the police who then rushed and closed the beach. Turns out, the strange object in question was actually a World War 2 sea mine! Luckily, it was still intact and hadn’t exploded. It’s even scary to imagine what could’ve happened had it exploded close to the family. The bomb was detonated by the authorities in a controlled environment.

Watch the terrifying encounter in the video below:

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