Mike Cox loves his wife, and so much that he can spare his time off his busy routines to take her out for dinner. Well, he did that, but he had no idea the kind of experience the day was about to hit the couple with. That’s until they returned home and got shocked at the sight of their very lovely home. It was in ruins!

Turns out, while the couple was away enjoying their romantic dinner, over 300 teenagers saw it fit to gather up at the family home in Colorado and do the unthinkable. Imagine 300 total strangers breaking into your home, drinking all your beer, and throwing a wild party that you’ve zero clue about. You get the point!

Mike couldn’t believe it! The house was ugly, with furniture thrown around and beer bottles strewn all over the place. It was a painful sight for the innocent couple. Well, you want to know why this happened!

Watch the clip here and get the full story.

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